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- General information -
1) Name: Safoueen Marcoo
2) Age: 23
3) Ingame nickname: [..GunMakeeBloooD..]
4) Previous nicknames: GunMakeeBloooD
5) Contact information (FB, Discord): FB : Safoueen Marcoo , discord : GunMakeeBloooD

- Game Information -
6) Since which year do you play SA:MP?: 2014
7) How frequently do you play SA:MP?: daily
8) Clan history and reasons of leaving: Hs], it was inactive and I left SAMP for a while that's why
9) In which occasions did you learn about our clan for the first time?: in WTLS
10) Why do you want to join our clan?: because it well known and I want to proof myself more and more
11) What servers do you usually play on?: WTLS 1
12) Do you use any modifications? If so, what kind?: just graphical mods
13) Did you use any cheats in the past? If so, what kind?: 7 years ago I used Wallhack :3 only that one
14) Your FPS / Your PING: 100 / 70

- Skill -
15) Rate your skill level with sawnoff shotgun (1-10): 7
16) Did you ever play walk? If so, which weapons do you prefer? (In case you have never played walk, don’t fill this question):
17) Do you play other games, if so which one? sometimes Valorant but now I'm not
18) Other skills (scripting/programming, mapping, graphic stuff): I am software developer and data scientist

- Conclusion -
19) Are you ready to participate on clan activities?: yes
20) Tell us about yourself: I am really huge and old fan of Ds clan and it is one of my game dream to be member of than clan, I am looking forward to join you and be one of you.
We played together on wtls, it was not bad, im on neutral, more to the yes side.
thnx buddy <3
Thank you for your interest in joining our clan.

There are several issues, which you might have noticed by this time already. The most crucial one is the fact that we are kinda inactive and it has been so for quite some time.

We currently do not organise any clan or community events as well as regular trainings in whatever game mode there is in SA-MP. However, few of our members still try to keep us alive, even in these days.

One of our key principles is fair and clean game without any hard modifications (considerable cheats). Just something for you to know.

Your nickname is known to me. I have seen you before on WTLS. If you don't mind me asking. If joining Ds-clan was one of your "game dreams". Why did you not show any interest before? Let's say 4-5 years ago, when we were alive, a lot. You could have tried to participate in our daily-basis activities, know us better and eventually build a mutual trust. This approach would definitely increase your chances in joining because we would know you better by then. Now the time is a bit tough and complicated due to our poor activity.
Thank you so much for your reply and the explanation that you have given but I have arguments for every issue you have mentioned.
I didn't apply before for many reasons, Firstly, 5 years ago I had a very low-end PC that provided 30 FPS maximum so I couldn't even try to apply and secondly I wasn't that "skilled" with sawn-off by then so I could badly affect the clan more than help it. mentioning also that I had been inactive for a few years too that's why I didn't apply when I got the new PC. lastly, I am surely wise about the inactivity of the clan and I am not considering it a problem for me, because "for now" I want to hold the Ds with my name and when you are active again I will be ready for any activity an not a newly joined member.
I hope that my arguments are convincing and I waiting for your reply.
It does not mean that you had to apply earlier immediately but rather try getting know us better. In any way possible. You did not have to be that active either, when it comes to that.

According to the information you have provided, it seems to me and to some members as well that you just want to wear our clan-tag and be done with it.
yes true, I could have tried to know you more but by that time, I felt like I had no chance of joining you, so it was like a waste of time trying to do something unreachable for me.
not totally that but all that I wanted to say is that it feels like honor for me to have that badge on my name, especially after that much time when I had no chance with it till I "hopefully" reach it.
I think everyone who played wtls know you Nod
you can play skinshot only? what about lagshot?
I would like to practice with you on both hitboxes and then vote.
neutral for now
thanks for the comment cortex, I really want to practice with you because I don't remember we have practised before.
as you mentioned, everyone in wtls "knows" me but I am known only in wtls because I am wtls player and I started playing samp with wtls you know that wtls is a skinshot server so I have never played in lagshot server. and I hope that this is not a problem to deny me from joining the clan.
Small yes from me. I know you for a long time from wtls. I have nothing against you or your behavior on the server. Talking
much appreciated bro <3 thank u so much <3
Sorry, it is no from me. Due to our current status, as well as some facts mentioned above.
no problem bro Smile thank you for your opinion
I am very sorry but due to our current status we have to decline your application. As you might have noticed, we are kinda inactive and at this point it is pointless for us to accept new members. I would suggest you to try again later, in case we played more actively.
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